5 Compelling benefits of buying a German Kitchen

German Kitchens are a high standard of modern kitchens. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or construct a new one, German Kitchens are a fantastic choice. German Kitchen brands have ruled the market for over a decade now because of their high quality. Like German cars, German kitchens have also gained popularity. After stupendous success in European markets, German Kitchens have become very popular in the US, Australia, and Asia as well. So, let’s have a look at the 5 main reasons why German kitchens are preferred.

German Kitchens Have a Long History

The popular saying “Practice makes perfect” can be aptly applied to Germans who are in the Kitchen business. Germany has probably the oldest and finest kitchen brands in the world from Poggenpohl, based in the town of Herford, has been manufacturing full fledge kitchens since 1892 to other well-known German brands like Eggersmann, which was found in 1908, Alno in 1927, Leicht Kitchens in 1928 and SieMatic in 1929.

Today popular companies like Kuhlmann Kitchens and Beeck Kuchen are famous in the UK for high quality and truly bespoke kitchen solutions. All these companies are known to manufacture full kitchens that include cabinets, drawer, and benchtops. Many German kitchen manufacturers are now family-operated that means generation after are involved in the business.

“Made in Germany” speaks for itself

The reason why German kitchens are so popular is that German kitchen manufacturers started exporting way back 1950’s, the years which are marked as Germany’s economic surge. The main export markets for German kitchens are Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France and the UK, recently they have started to export to countries like Russia, China, and the US as well. Overall German kitchen manufacturers export their products to around 60 countries. Made in Germany has become a hallmark of quality and this label is enough for people staying around the world to buy kitchens made in Germany.

German Kitchens benefit from Engineering Traditions

Germany is known to be the land of engineers, maybe that’s why German cars are the best. But this expression is not just for cars but for the Kitchen industry too. A modern kitchen also involves complicated mechanics; the functionality of each cabinet and drawers has to be perfect. The main point is the durability of each part of the kitchen.

The Kitchen industry in Germany gives importance to the quality and the ease of function of every part. German kitchen manufacturers make sure every door, cabinet, and drawer are fitted properly. The superior control system and handle-less kitchen design make them stand out from the crowd of kitchen manufacturers.

German Kitchens are built on Time

If we talk about procuring good materials (counter-tops, appliances, fittings, cabinets etc) to make a kitchen, anyone can get that. Then what would be the reason behind German kitchens being so popular all around the world? It is the ability of the German manufacturers to deliver and execute the whole building process in a professional, user-friendly way and on time. The reason why German kitchens are different from their competitors is that they are distinguished by their complete service bundle, that includes the documentation of planning data for the suppliers, graphic documentation of order confirmation, order management controls, correct delivery & installation strictly as per schedule  – apart from quality in production and design.

Minimalist in Design and Perfect Functionality

German kitchens have gained so much popularity as they are very durable. Some might question that it doesn’t come in fancy designs and styles. Even though German kitchens are not as fancy as Italian kitchens still they have a higher share in kitchen export industry all over the world.

Germans are now even in terms of styles and brilliance as per the market trend. However, the German ideology of ‘Less is more’ and ‘form follows function’ stand for “minimalist in design” and “perfect in functionality”. For a modern kitchen, this probably satisfies the needs of the consumers well. This perfection is not only limited to design and manufacturing; it extends to installation and after sales support as well.

In case you are still in a dilemma, visit a Kitchen showroom near you and take a look at the kitchen front styles and displays. You can get a first-hand experience of the brilliance of bespoke German Kitchens direct before you decide to invest in one.