Mobilturi Kitchens

Made in Italy our Mobilturi Kitchens combine the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics.

The idea to start a company is conceived in the 60’s, in the small craft workshop of the family’s forefather Pasquale Turi.

Based on the wealth of experience and on the technical skills acquired in the industry of modular kitchens,
the Turi brothers founded the current company, MOBILTURI srl, in 1987. Important goals have been achieved thanks to the young owners’
dynamism and enthusiasm as well as to significant investments in technology.

Today the plants of Mobilturi are located in the south of Italy, in the province of Bari, and cover an area of 220,000 sq ft.
The company is one of the first producers of kitchens in Italy and boasts of kitchens with excellent design, available in many colours,
with exquisite finishes and resistant materials.


Modern Design

Clean-cut and strikingly simple silhouettes combined with pure geometric shapes. A cutting-edge functional design distinguished by exclusive colourful atmospheres, trendy textures and latest-generation materials.

Classic Design

Solid wood, unrivalled decorations and engravings, all the passion and quality of products made in Italy, encapsulated in the style and timeless classic shapes.

Unlimited Colour Choices

With our Tiffany range you can select from one of over 80 standard matt and gloss finishes or you can even choose your own RAL colour.

Open Shelving Options

Whether you are looking for traditional timber plate racks, ultra modern 2mm steel shelving, feature coloured shelving or sliding doors, Mobilturi have the option for you.

Specialist and Unique Options

Ranges like our NINA range that offers a modern classic style allow you to change the door centre panel should you wish from the matching real wood to blackboard or even pewter. This allows aesthetically beautiful and also highly practical options.